Stok Kangri & The Markha Valley Trek

Since 1974, when Ladakh first became accessible to foreign visitors, this high and arid region has captured the imagination of adventure travelers, geographically, Ladakh is a western extension of the Tibetan Plateau, and even as recently as the beginning of the 19th century this mountainous country was a part of Tibet. Mahayana (Tibetan) Buddhism came to Ladakh from its birthplace in Pakistan's Swat Valley, and this colourful religion is still practiced throughout Ladakh and neighboring Zanskar. A large number of monasteries, many of them occupying impressive hill-top sites, are still active in the region to this day. The Muslim religion is also important in Ladakh with the influence of Kashmir to the west. A mixture of cultures and religions is an important element in the attraction of Ladakh as a destination for adventure travel.

Stok Kangri, located in the heart of the Markaha Valley, can be seen from Leh from your Hotel also. It offers a challenging climb all the way to the top of the summit, although it is less technical at the altitude of over 6,000 meter. but it is truly a scenic climb with awesome views of the surrounding landscapes and array of snow capped mountain ranges, in snow condition one has to be more careful, necessary ropes and equipment will be placed by our guides for security measure mainly on the descent.

Stok Kangri & The Markha Valley Fact box

Duration:         14 nights 15 days trip from Delhi to Delhi.

Region:             Stok Kangri & the Markha Vally In Ladakh.

No: of pax:       Recommended 4 to 10 persons

Greade:              Trekking on camping basis.

Trip Map

Stok Kangri & The Markha Valley Map

Stok Kangri & The Markha Valley Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive at Delhi via respective airlines.

Day 02: Fly to Leh.

Day 03: Drive from Leh 3,500m to Chilling the gateway to Markha Valley.

Day 02: Trek to Skaya and Skiu.

Day 03: Trek to Markha Village.

Day 04: Trek to Hangkar.

Day 05: Trek to Nimaling 4,600m.

Day 06: Trek to Chogdo. 4000m.

Day 07: Trek to Shang Po 4,350m.

Day 08: Trek to Gangpoche 4,350.

Day 09: Trek to Stok Kangri BC via Mato-la 4,820m.

Day 10: Trek and climb to High Camp at 5,400m.

Day 11: Climbing Day to the summit of Stok Kangri.

Day 12: Trek back to upper Stok village and drive back to Leh.

Day 13: At Leh for guided sightseeing at places of interest.

Day 14: Fly to Delhi.

Day 15: Depart Delhi.