Restricted Area trekking

Restricted area trekking in Nepal are many part of Nepal into which is the strictly controlled for entry to the foreigners. There are many treks may suggested on a map in restricted areas trek and you whichever con not obtain a permit for all those regions or mostly need to do travel with a liaison officer and pay for a special permit to get those regions. There are some areas particularly closed o foreigners are; Walunchung Gola, Rolwaling and Nangpa-La in Khumbu region. While you planning to your trek to Retreaded areas, presuppose that these areas resolve remain closed. Don't make any plane on a last minute modify in the rulers, there are many police check post in the village and hills, then police will turn you back if you try to trek into a restricted area. Authoritatively there are no longer restricted areas in Nepal, Nepal immigration office rules now state that, notified those areas beforehand known as "restricted" are not allowed to trek for any trekkers.

Why the restricted areas exist for trekking there are many reasons. In the mainly cases, it is a hangover from a time when the border with China was more responsive then it is now, Environmental groups, above all the Nepal Nature Conservation Society, are pressure the government to keep some places closed for natural reasons to avoid both cultural and environmental degradation because trekkers require assistance when something goes wrong (accident, illness or theft), the government restricts some areas because it doubts that it could provide the security that trekkers need. There are also political reasons for some restrictions. In the 1970s, for example, the Jomsom trek was closed because a foremost foreign-aided military process had been mounted there in support of the Khampas in Tibet. There are many influences on the decision to open or close certain parts of Nepal to foreigners. Recent changes have liberalised both trekking and climbing, and there is substantial pressure to open more areas to trekkers. You should check with a trekking agency or the central immigration office before planning a remarkable trek in restricted area in Nepal.


Permits & Official Procedure

Trek to a restricted area need be arranged as a fully equipped organized trek through a registered trekking agency as we at "Nepal Hiking Adventure Company Pvt. Ltd".  Using tents, Sherpa staff, cooks and porters and guide, the Nepal Hiking Adventure Company (trekking agency in Nepal) arranges the permit through a series of applications, guarantees and letters, a process that requires about two weeks and can be started only 21 days before the arrival of the group. Especially you may not able to trek alone; there must be at least two trekkers in each group. For some areas there is a limit to the number of trekkers per season. There is no system of advance reservation, and no clear indication of what will happen if the quota is reached the day before you make an application.

Still some areas needed for each group is assigned an "environmental officer" who will accompany it during the trek. Although the fancy name, what you will get is a Nepalese policeman who you must equip, insure and take on the trek. The liaison officer is supposed to handle all the formalities with police and government offices en route.