Nepal winter Trekking

Nepal Winter TrekTrekking and travelling in Nepal and its surrounding Himalayan countries can be done in all seasons, but winter Trekking in Nepal start  from December till February are also an excellent time the days are clear with sunshine, even though in higher elevation can be cold with minimum temperature of -05 Celsius with maximum of 16-18 degree Celsius most of the trekking can be done during this months, but for higher alpine passes chances of snow, the trekking that involves high passes trekking cannot be done due to heavy snow sometime, but other normal trekking and hiking areas can be done.  Mostly you can do Short hike in winter time.

Autumn trekking is most popular Trekking season  in Nepal as these months are clear especially Mid September to till November normally the days are clear with sunshine with panoramic views of the surrounding scenery and of the Himalayan chain of mountains; however morning and evening time can be cold.

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