Nepal Summer Trekking

Nepal Summer TrekTrekking and travelling in Nepal and its surrounding Himalayan countries can be done in all seasons, however in the midst of monsoon period from June till mid September can be wet and almost covered all the mountain range, but it will be a paradise for botanical students and lovers on Summuer Trekking in Nepal. You can enjoy hike to summer very much with green valley and wetter full's on the way.

Spring Trekking is start From March to till May is an excellent time to visit Nepal and it surrounding Himalayan countries, as these months are normally clear from morning till afternoon time and all the hills are alive with blooming wild flowers like magnolia and rhododendrons and other miniature colorful wildflowers and the views of the snow capped mountain range, however some days in the late afternoon time can be cloudy can rain as well, but most of the days are clear with grand views of the snow capped peaks.