Do we need TIMS & Permit

TAAN (Trekking Agent Association of Nepal) was established in 2035 B.S. In initial period there were 9 members. One of the income sources of TAAN is membership fees collection.




1.         Self help movement

2.         Policy advocacy

3.         Training/Research/Exploration (new destination, invention)

4.         Facilitation


TIMS Card (Trekkers Information Management System). It’s a permit which is issued from TAAN and NTB (NEPAL TOURISM BOARD). 

There are two types of TIMS

1.         Individual (no support staff, self back packer)

2.         Group


Quality Service> If quality service given clients and the company would be satisfied then it would be as follows 



Established company

Trip repetition

Profit maximization

Network development

Repetition of business

Quality pay

Increase volume

Responsible Trekkers



Branding                                                         Responsible Tourism Initiative










An organized Adventure, Travel, Tour by feet at proposed destination.

Trekking was started about at 1950’s decade.

In 1953 May 29(Tenzing and Hilary)

Trekking was officially started in 1975 named Mountain travel

In 1964 went for Adventure Travel..



1.         Clients Nature

a)         Individual

b)         Group  


2.         Use of Resources

a)         Organized camping

b)         Tea house/lodge

3.         Service of clients

a)         Domestic

b)         International/External

4.         Featured based

a)         Adventure/Mountaineering

b)         Village/ Community

c)         Jungle safari

d)         Culture/ Ethnic

e)         Religious/Holy

f)         Adv. Sports

g)         Educational

h)         Business/ Conference


Importance of Trekking

a)         Employment

b)         Economic Growth/ Foreign currency

c)         Technology Transfer

d)         Local development/ Nations building

e)         Infrastructure development

f)         Civilization