Day Hiking in Kathmandu Valley

"Nepal Hiking Adventure Comapny" offers a "day hike around Kathmandu valleys" that have very short time in Nepal and want to do a short hiking. The travelers who love to do hiking and see the landscape and some Nepalese villages that hik9ing will give them to enjoy able time. Starts after your breakfast will drive 1.5 hours from Kathmandu to Telkot. After drive, you are going to start to walk from Telkot through villages, Wilderness forests and landscape. This hiking is also covered by rice farms as well. After 2 hours walking you will rich the world heritage site of Changunarayan temples and you will be explore around temples then will drive back to Kathmandu from Changunarayan. The Hiking start 7 Am from Kathmandu and will finish about 5 Pm.